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How to Write Patient Letters

In order to Write Patient Letters such as Prescriptions, Referral Letters, Medical Certificates etc.:

1. Go to Patient | search and click on the Patient name to open.

2. The Patient Chart will open, click on Save & Print.

A new window will open | go to Templates on the right-hand side of the page | select and click on Open besides the letter name. For example, Prescription is selected here. Now click on Design on the left-hand side, right at the bottom of the page | type in required details | click on Print.

4. Once you click on Print or Email, the file gets auto-saved in the Patient’s Chart for later viewing.

5. To view Patient Letter, go back to Patient Chart | On the Medical Summary Section click on the Past EMR on the top right corner of the page | click on Files, the Letter can be downloaded and viewed by clicking on the download icon beside Document.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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