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How to view History of Changes in the Patient Demographic

Clinicea will allow you to see the complete list of changes that anyone has made to the Patient Demographic.

Let us take an example where a patient is already registered by the name Mr. Ronald Weasley. The Date of Birth is currently set to 20th February 1981. The Communication Preference is set to SMS and the patient belongs to the organization, Bella Clinics. We will change these details and update the fields of Emergency Contact Person. Then we will see how to view the History of all the changes made.

1. Go to Patient | Search and open the medical record of Mr. Ronald Weasley and click on the Patient name. The Patient Details window will open. Now let us change the Date of Birth to 20th February 1975 and the age changes to 43 years. We then change the Communication Preference to Email and select an organization name. Also, we are adding Emergency Contact Person Information. Then we Save it.

2. Now if you re-open the Patient Details, you can see the changes made to the patient demographics. Just click on the link present at the bottom of the Patient Details page which says, _Last Updated by_ _Dr._ Roger Millers on Thu, 08-Mar-2018 2:17 PM. The Patient Demographics flyout opens on the right. It provides you with a detailed information on who made what changes and when.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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