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How to take before and after images

Imaging and maintaining before and after images of a Patient is an essential part of the medical Aesthetic Industry. Having a sophisticated tool for it within your chosen EMR is a bonus. And Clinicea gives you this option.

Let us have a look at how to use this feature on Clinicea:

1. Select a Patient and open up the Patient Chart | go to Toolbar on the top left-side, click on Imaging.

2. The Imaging window will open, you can either take a picture of the patient directly by using your web camera or simply upload an image from your device.

a. To take a picture directly from your webcam, navigate to the extreme right to Take Picture.

b. To upload an Image to your device simply click on +Add New | Document– click on Select a File and upload the image of choice.

3. Once you have selected the image, it will appear on the screen. Click on the P on the extreme right and change it to B i.e. to mark it as Before.

4. Once you have changed it to B, click on Save.

5. To Add another image and follow the same steps as shown in point 2.b. This time click on P and change to A | Save.

6. To view both images, click on the three vertical dots icon on the extreme right and select Library from the dropdown list**.**

7. The Image Library will open, you can see both Before and After images highlighted in red and green respectively.

8. The image also becomes a part of the encounter note automatically, have a look at the Previous Visit in the Medical Summary.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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