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How to set Patient Goals

You can set patient goals, and let Clinicea tracks the progress of the Patient towards achieving that goal.

Let me show you how to set it up.

1. Open a patient’s chart and goto Patient’s Progress Indicator section in the medical summary and click on the +button beside Progress Indicators being monitored. Next Click on Set Goal against the indicator that is being monitored.

2. A BMI Goal window will open, enter the desired Result and Save. Example: 26

3. The Goal has been set and visible. Example: Goal 26. You can change the goal or remove it by clicking on Goal: 26 and clear any number that you have entered. Now click on the arrow beside Progress Indicators to go back to the Medical Summary Page.

4. Progress Indicators being monitored | BMI, you can now see the flat line in green showing the set goal, the progress in BMI as a graph in orange.
If you hover your mouse over any of the dots in the progress indicator that are in orange, it will show you the day and time the data was captured.
If you hover your mouse over any of the dots in the green line, you will see the set goal too i.e. 26.

5. There is also another simpler approach to this. You can simply click on “Goal not set” for an indicator and set the goal directly from there.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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