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How to send E-Referrals

You can send E-Referrals from Clinicea. When you do this, the Referred To Practitioner receives an email with access to Clinicea. Upon login the ‘Referred To Practitioner’ will get to see the Patient who you have referred to i.e. he cannot see the details of any of your other Patients. You can set up a form that the ‘Referred To Practitioner’ can fill out to mark the Referral as complete. Let us set it up.

1. You first need to set up a common form that every ‘Referred To Practitioner’ will fill out when they get an e-Referral from you. To do this just create a Casesheet. The contents of the Casesheet is what the ‘Referred To Practitioner’ will have to fill out to complete the Referral. If you want this to be effective, keep it short and concise. Sign out and Sign back in before going further.

2. Now you need to set up the External Practitioner to whom you want to send referrals. This can be done by going to Tools | Staff | New Staff and enter the Practitioner information | Role should be selected as External Doctor | Save.

3. Now select the Practitioner name from the list | goto My Preferences | Medical | Click on the link _Click to Select a value_ to set the case sheet you have already created in Step 1. | Click OK to save preferences | Click SAVE to save the staff.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each Practitioner you want to send Referrals To. Once you are done, sign out and sign back in.

5. Now let’s send a referral. Open up any Patient. On the case sheet, scroll to the bottom and click on _Refer Patient to__._This will open a fly out, _Send Referral_ on the right-hand side. Click on + to add the practitioner you want to refer the patient to.

6. Upon adding the Practitioner you will be auto-redirected to the email interface where you will find
a. An email addressed to the External Practitioner.
b. A Document detailing Patient’s medical information that will be sent as an attachment.

You can edit the email as well as the contents of the Document if required. Once done, just click Send Email to send the Referral.

7. The ‘Referred To Practitioner’ will receive an email with the login link and password to login to Clinicea to complete the referral.

8. The ‘Referred To Practitioner’ will login into Clinicea and will get to see the Patient’s Medical Summary on the right and the case sheet that you had selected in Step 1 on the left that is to be filled out.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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