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How to Search in Pharmacy

If you want to Search for a Prescription in Pharmacy, you can do so by using the Search function. Clinicea gives you the option to perform a filtered Search, based on your search criteria. Rather than going through hundreds of Prescriptions, you can simply shorten your search by setting a Search filter.

Let us have a look at how to Search in Pharmacy.

1. Go to Pharmacy | Search.

a. You can filter your Search results by _Patient Name, Mobile No. or File No._

b. You can filter by a particular Date Range.

c. You can choose the Clinic name also from the drop-down.

d. Lastly, you can filter your Search based on whether a Prescription is Pending or has been Dispensed. Pending means Practitioner wrote a Prescription for a Patient, but the Patient has not come to purchase the medications in that prescription, as yet. Dispensed means Practitioner wrote a Prescription for a Patient, and the Patient has purchased it from the in-house Pharmacy.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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