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How to fill prescriptions for walk-in Patients

If you have an in-house Pharmacy, you will have both walk-in patients with prescriptions from external Practitioner, as well as in-house prescriptions from Practitioners belonging to your Clinic. Clinicea’s sophisticated Pharmacy module allows you to do handle both internal and external prescriptions with ease.

For example, Let us assume, an External Patient walks into your Pharmacy and provides you with a paper-based prescription. The Patient has been prescribed with Cetirizine 1 case only and Amprez 5mg 1 tablet a day, for 15 days. You check for stock availability, both medications are in stock. You now need to dispense the medications.

Let us have a look at how to fill in the Prescription for an External Patient in Pharmacy:

1. Go to Pharmacy | click on New Prescription.

2. A New Pharmacy Bill window will open | Select Patient– since the Patient is an external one, you will need to add the Patient Details to your Clinicea account. Type in the Patient name in the Search bar and click on Search. If the Patient is not already in the system, Clinicea will prompt you to add a New Patient, click on OK.

3. A Patient Details window will open, you can do a quick registration by entering relevant details only. Save.

4. Once Saved, you will automatically come back to the New Pharmacy Bill window. This time, an Add Bill Items window will open on the right-hand side of the page. Search for the prescribed medication, and click on the +button beside the medications to add them.

5. Now select the Practitioner.
a.** You can either add a Practitioner by typing in the Practitioner’s name. In this case also, type in the Phone No: of the Practitioner if one is available on the paper-based Prescription. Clinicea will add this Practitioner to your address book, and going forward this Practitioner will now be available for selection for the next prescription.

b. Or select Self-Referred.

c. Or, choose one of your existing Practitioner.

Now Enter Paid Amount | Payment Mode | Save.

6. Done! You have created the prescription and dispensed the medication. To view, go to Pharmacy and select Billed, click on Search.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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