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How to Dispense in a Homeopathy Pharmacy

Managing and dispensing remedies in a Homeopathy Pharmacy just got easier for the Pharmacist. Clinicea’s specialized Homeopathy module for Pharmacies allows for easy preparing of the remedies and also lets the Pharmacist track delivery of the medications to the Patients.

When a Doctor prescribes remedies to a Patient in the EMR, Clinicea auto-picks the Prescription and displays it to the Pharmacist.

For example, Let us assume, the Doctor has prescribed a Patient with Aalserum 200C, Abies Canadensis 30C, and Abies Nigra 6X in EMR. You now need to dispense these Remedies in the Pharmacy.

Let us as have a look at how to Dispense in a Homeopathy Pharmacy:

1. Go to Pharmacy | select Pending from the drop-down menu and click on Search | now click on the Patient name to open.

2. A Prescription window will open, the name of the Remedies prescribed along with Potency and Duration will appear here. You can now prepare the remedies as per the Duration set by the Doctor. Ex: Aalserum 200C, for 6 days.

3. Once the Remedy is packaged and ready, you can now dispense it to the Patient. If the Remedy was given to the Patient in person, click on Patient Picked-up. You can add Pickup Notes, if any.

4. Alternatively if the Patient is in a different city or country, and you need send the Remedies to the Patient, put in the Courier details by selecting Couriered | Enter courier details such as the Courier Company (you can type in a new name here, or select from the list), Tracking No. and Cost of Sending the Courier.

Now click on DISPENSE.

5. Done! The Remedies have been dispensed and the Patient automatically gets removed from the Pending list in Pharmacy.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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