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How to dispense and auto-Bill a Patient

When a Doctor prescribes medications to a Patient in the EMR, Clinicea auto-picks the Prescription and displays it to the Pharmacist for billing and dispensing. All the Pharmacist needs to do is, take the payment and dispense the medication. Inventory gets adjusted automatically.

For Example: Let us assume, the Doctor prescribes a Patient with Amlodipine and Benadryl in the Patient Chart. When the Patient arrives at the Pharmacy; all the Pharmacist needs to do is, open up the Prescription to generate the bill, and take payment.

Let us have a look at, how Auto-Billing works in Pharmacy:


1. The Doctor prescribes medications to a Patient in EMR. Ex: Amlodipine and Benadryl. (For more info, please click on How to prescribe Rx)

Now let us have a look at how auto-billing works:

After consultation is complete, the Patient goes to the Pharmacy to pick up his medications. The Pharmacist now needs to Bill and Dispense the given the Medication.

1. Go to Pharmacy | select Pending from the drop-down menu and click on Search. It shows all prescriptions given by Practitioners of your Clinic which are yet to be filled.

Select the Prescription you want to dispense by clicking on the Patient name.

2. A New Bill window will open. The prescribed medications will be auto-added to the Bill. You can add or remove items and change quantity. Doing so does not change the prescription.

Enter Paid Amount | select Payment Mode | Save. Alternatively click on SAVE & PRINT, if you want to give the Patient a receipt.

3. Done! You have billed the Patient against the given Prescription. To view, go to back to Pharmacy, now select Dispensed and click on Search.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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