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How to remind Patients when a Follicular Count is due

For patients coming to a Trichologist for Hair Treatment, majority will need a Follicular count to be done regularly. With busy schedules, a Trichologist may forget to do the same when the Patient is visiting. Alternatively the Patient may forget to come to the Clinic for the same. Now, if you have to check your diary or make reminder calls to each Patient each time a Follicular count is due, it can get very tedious.

Clinicea can help by completely eliminating the scope for human error. Clinicea gives you the option of setting up health reminders, that will remind, your patient when a treatment falls due. Once set it runs in a hands-free mode freeing you up to focus on the Patient and not worry about remembering due dates.

Let us have a look at how Follicular Count, reminder can be setup.

a. Go to Patient | select the Patient and open up the Patient Chart | now click on the Health Reminder Icon in the Patient Summary,

b. A Past Visits section will open | Recalls will open by default | click on the drop-down menu and select Follicular Count | click on +Add | Save.

It assumes your Administrator has already setup the Follicular Count Health Reminder. If you do not see this option, please contact the Administrator for assistance.

c. After you add it, you will notice that Follicular Count will appear below Recalls.

d. Today’s Date will appear here along with the status as due. The Recurring icon indicates that this health reminder is active and will be sent every 2 months.

e. Since you have already done the Follicular Count for today, while the Patient is with you, let the system know of the same by clicking on Mark as Complete icon.

f. Once you mark it as complete, Clinicea will calculate the next due date for Follicular Count i.e. 2 months from today. It will also auto-create the Appointment and SMS the Patient before the Appointment falls due.

g. If for some reason you feel there is no need to take a Follicular count for this Patient in the future, you can just delete the reminder by clicking on the delete icon.

Similarly, let’s say the patient came back after 4 months, so 2 Follicular Counts are now due. You can simply dismiss the first one as it is past its due date. You can do the Follicular count today, and mark the current one as Completed.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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