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How to record Patient History

To record History, you must use a Case Sheet that has the Clinical Sections for recording History, enabled. Let us see how to view it on Clinicea.

The Medical History of a Patient is aggregated across visits.

For example, let us say you have 2 case sheets, one is called Surgeon Case History, and the other is called the B**otox and Filler Case Sheet** t Form**_.
**A patient comes to you and you fill out the Surgeon Case Sheet. In the 2nd visit, you open the Botox and Filler Consent Consult Form. You will find the Botox and Filler Case form already has the entire Medical History pre-filled out. This is because Clinicea automatically combines the Medical History information across various visits of the Patient. This feature is inbuilt, no need to re-type._

Whenever you add content to a Patient’s Medical History, Clinicea automatically Flags it. If the flag is on, the information flows to the patient’s Medical Summary on the right.
You can manually override this behavior and switch off the Flag, by clicking on it once.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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