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How to Record a Patients Consent to the Clinic’s Privacy Policy

With GPDR (EU Region) coming into force on 25th May 2018, it has become mandatory to record a Patient’s Consent towards the Clinics Privacy Policy. Clinics will be able to issue their Privacy Policy notice to their existing patients and record the compliance results in Clinicea.

Let us take an example of an existing patient visiting the clinic to book an appointment. The receptionist at the front desk now has to check if the patient has given the consent and if not, then how to update the consent status in Clinicea after the consent is accepted.

1. The Consent status to the Privacy policy of the Clinic is visible to the receptionist at the time of booking an appointment. On the appointment window after the patient name is selected, click on Select Services.

2. A section from opens up from the right side. It shows the Patient’s important details on the top. In here, you can also see if the Patient has given the consent to the Clinic’s privacy or not. In this case below, the Patient has already accepted the Privacy Policy, hence no further action required.

3. In case the patient has not accepted the Clinic’s Privacy Policy, then the receptionist should provide a copy of the Privacy Policy to the patient and request consent. Example, the screen below shows a Patient who is yet to give consent. To change the consent status, click on Patient Details Icon. This opens the Patient Demographic Page., where the status can be changed.

4. On the Patient Demographics Page, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find the section which deals with Patient Consent to Clinic’s Privacy Policy . By default, this is set to Not Recorded. You can either choose the answer as Accepted or


5. The Privacy Policy will also become mandatory when Booking an appointment online through the Clinic’s Online Appointment Booking Page. Here each and every appointment booked has to accept the Privacy Policy before the appointment is booked.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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