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How to quickly group Rx for 1 click Prescribing

You can combine multiple Medications quickly for 1-click Prescribing. This can be especially useful when you want to re-prescribe the same set of medications to another Patient.

Let’s consider a scenario where a Patient has come to see you for an illness and you want to prescribe him a _Calpol_ and _Advog_. But at this stage, you do not have quick prescribing setup in your account. Let us complete the prescription and create a combination for quick prescribing, all in a single go.

1. Open up the Patients Chart and click the Treatment from the bookmarks section. This immediately opens a list on the right side which contains the Rx list. You can search for the desired Rx from the list and click the “**+**” against the Rx or simply search for it on the Search Rx box and add the medicine. Here we have added Calpol. Fill in the dosage, frequency etc.

Repeat this for as many medications as you need to prescribe. In this case, you want to add Advog next.

2. Once you have finished adding the Medications you want to prescribe today, click on the Vertical Three Dots on the extreme right of Treatment. You will see a _New Rx Combo_ tab appearing. Click on it.

3. A New Rx Combo window will open. Type in a Name for this combination of medications. Let us say _Acute Fever_ and then hit Save.

4. This combination with the exact protocol is now saved and now available for prescribing to any other patient having a similar diagnosis.

5. You can also rename or delete this combo if you want. Just click on the 3 vertical dots and choose to either rename or delete it.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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