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How to quickly group Investigations for 1 click Ordering

Multiple Investigations can be quickly combined for 1 click Ordering. This can be especially useful when you want to re-order the same set of investigations for another Patient.

Let’s consider a scenario where a Patient has come to see you for Diabetes and you want to order investigations such as Glucose-Fasting and Post Prandial, Insulin-Fasting and Post Prandial, Random Blood Sugar Test and Diabetes Panel. But at this stage, you do not have a quick ordering of investigations setup in your account. Let us complete the list of investigations that need to be ordered and create a combination for quick ordering, all in 1 go.

1. Open up the Patients Chart and scroll to the clinical section Investigations+ and click on it | Add Investigations window will open on your right | click on the +button beside the Investigation name to add Glucose-Fasting and Post Prandial. Repeat this for as many investigations as you need to order. In this case, you want to add Insulin-Fasting and Post Prandial, Random Blood Sugar Test and Diabetes Panel next.

2. Once you have finished adding the Investigations you want to order today, click on the 3 Vertical Dots on the extreme right of Investigation+ and then click on the New Investigation Combo Box that comes up.

3. A Ready Investigation window will open. Type in a Name for this combination of Investigations. Let us say Diabetes and then click Save. You are done and your Investigation Combo is ready to be used in the future.

4. Now let us try using this combination for another patient. Let us go back to the Patient list and open any another patient. In the next patient’s chart, scroll down to click on Investigation+. On the right, under Add Investigations, click on the down arrow, choose Diabetes. Then click on AddAll.

You can see all Investigations under Diabetes have been ordered automatically.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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