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How to import Paper-based Records into EMR

You may need to import Paper-based Records to EMR for various reasons.

For Example: let us assume, a Patient has newly started consultation with you. The Patient comes to you with relevant medical records but they are all Paper-based Records. You want to import these records to EMR, for ease of use and to maintain the Patients medical data systematically. Clinicea’s highly sophisticated EMR module allows you to do so.


You will first need to open up a Patient Chart and create a relevant Case Sheet (For more info, please click on How to build a Case Sheet) and switch off all Clinical Sections and click on SAVE AND CONTINUE. You can call this Case Sheet “_Past Medical Records”_.

Now let us have a look at how to import Paper-based Records to EMR:

1. Select a Patient and open up the Patient Chart | now click on Case Sheets | select Past Medical Records Case sheet, click on Apply Case Sheet,

a. Encounter Date Time: Enter the Date of the Record Ex: 19th March 2018.

b. Practitioner: Either select a Practitioner from the drop-down menu or check on External Doctor/Clinic.

c. Attach Files: Simply click to upload the scanned copy of the Paper Record.

2. Now select a Document Category from the drop-down menu. Ex: Paper-based record | click on Select a File to upload the Record | Start Upload.

3. Once you have uploaded the Paper-based Record, click on Save. Done!

To view the Record later on click on Past Visits on the right-hand side of the page,

4. Now click on Files to view the Paper-based Record you uploaded.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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