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How to handle scheduling of Appointments for a Package

A Package may consist of multiple service items. When the package is bought by a Patient, each session of the service item needs to be scheduled. Scheduling a service item will involve taking into account the Staff who will handle the Patient, the preferred days of the week the patient would like to come in, the frequency as well as the recurrence schedule of repeat appointments.

For example, Let us assume, you assign a Package called “Full Body LHR 1” to a Patient. The Package consists of Service items- “LHR Full Hands”, “LHR Full legs”,“LHR Full Face” and “LHR Neck and Back”. Each of these services has 3 sessions at an interval of 2 weeks per service per session. The Patient has requested you to start the Package on the following Monday and schedule all future Appointments.

Scheduling of Appointments for Package items manually can be tedious, lengthy, time-consuming and could often leave room for error – specifically when the clinic is busy. Therefore, auto-scheduling of Appointments for a Package would be highly beneficial. And Clinicea gives you the option to do so.

Let us have a look at how to handle scheduling of Appointments for a Package.


a. While creating the Package, you must set the Qty (quantity) and Appt. Interval (appointment interval) for Package items.

For example:

For LHR Full Hands, Qty- 3, Appt. Interval- 2 Weeks.

This will space out the gap between each appointment. All the appointments will be created for LHR Full hands_,_ will have intervals of 2 weeks between each appointment. (For more info, click on How to Create a Package)

Now let us have a look at how to handle scheduling of Appointments for a Package:

1. You will first need to assign the Package to a Patient in Financials. (For more info, click on How to assign a New Package to the Patient from Financials)

New Package | Add Bill Items, add the Package. ex: Full Body LHR 1| Enter Paid Amount | Payment Mode | now click on SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS.

2. Package Details for ‘Full Body LHR 1’ window will open, you can now set the criteria for scheduling the Package.

a. First appointment should not be earlier than- By default Clinicea will pick up the today’s date and time. If you want to change the date, select the date of the first appointment by clicking on the calendar button**.**

b. Click to select the Staff who will handle the bookings in this package | Search Staff section will open on the right-hand side, click on the +button beside the staff name.


3. Once you click on GENERATE APPOINTMENTS, Appointments have been scheduled and will appear on the page. Since Monday was selected, the first appointment of the Package is scheduled for the first Monday after the Package was assigned.

If you want to print the list of scheduled Appointments, click on the printer icon.

If you want to edit the time, or date, or the Staff for any Appointment, you can do so too by clicking on the Appointment link in blue below.

4. You can view all the scheduled Appointments in Calendar as well. Go to Calendar and navigate to the screen for Monday, 19 Mar 2018, the first Appointment will appear here.

You can search for all the future appointments too. (For more info, click on How to Search for an Appointment in Calendar)

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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