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How to Create a Package

A Package is a combination of services and inventory items. It can be created by following these steps:

a. Go to Tools | Package | click on +Add New, a new Package window will open.

b. In the Package screen enter the following:

1. Package Name

(a). Package Name: Type in the Package Name. Example: LHR Full Body 5 Sittings.

(b). Code: For internal coding purposes.

(c). Package Category: Package Items can be grouped into categories. This helps in Reporting. For example, LHR can be saved as a package category and all packages such as LHR Hands, LHR Legs, LHR full etc. can be grouped under this category. So rather than seeing the billing for each package individually, you can view the total billing from LHR.

(d). Description: You can provide a brief description of the package if required.

(e). Package Consent Form: If you want to set up a workflow where a Patient needs to sign a digital consent form before availing a package, that can be set up here.

(f). Applies to Gender: You can select from the drop-down if the package is relevant to a particular gender only. This will be useful when you want to see a list of packages relevant to a patient, during billing or making an appointment.

**2. Package Items**

Click on +Add Package Item | search and select package item from either Services or Inventory under Search Package Item | click on +button to add service or an inventory to the package. For each items added, its corresponding Tax Name, %, and whether price is inclusive of taxes, or exclusive of taxes is displayed below the item price.

Appointment templates along with the duration of appointment get updated automatically based on the selected service.

Once the service item is added to the package, You can customize the number of sittings/sessions, in the package by setting Qty for each item in the package.

**3. Package Total**

Enter the Package Total pricing here. As you can see the based on the total amount entered, the tax amount is auto-calculated for the Service and product items added to the package.

**4. Payment Terms**

Link the package to payment terms- In order to allow the customer to pay for a package in installments, link the package to predefined payment terms by clicking on this option and selecting a payment term from the list on the right-hand side.

Once these fields in the Package screen are filled as per the requirement, click on Save. The new Package will now appear under the Package list.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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