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How to give and track Patient Advice

As a practitioner at times, you might have to advise some do’s and do not’s to your patients along with the medications that you have prescribed. Let us see how you can give and track such advice.

1. How to give An Advice.
Go to Patient’s Medical Chart | In the Clinical Section click on Advice, which will open the Advice Flyout on the right | Now click on the ‘+’ icon against the advice you want to give.

2. How to withdraw An Advice.
In case you want to cease an advice previously given, you can do that with a click.

Go to Patient | Select Patient and open the Patient Medical Chart | Go to the Clinical section Advice | Click on the three vertical dots icon and select Mark Complete option from the dropdown list for the advice that you want to withdraw.

Click on Save. It will no longer appear in the patient’s medical summary.

3. How to Track an Advice
You can also keep a track of the advice given to a patient. You can do so by referring to the Advice section in the Patient’s Medical Summary.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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