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How to get Medication Quantities auto-calculated when Prescribing

When a Practitioner prescribes a medication to the Patient, the quantity of the medication can be auto-calculated. For example, A patient is prescribed Crocin _Three Times a day for 7 days_. Clinicea will automatically show the total quantity as 21 tablets.

This feature simplifies the tasks of calculating and keeping a track of the quantity of medication that needs to be taken, not only for the Doctor but also for the Patient and Pharmacist.

Let’s have a look at how Clinicea auto-calculates Medication Quantities:

1. Go to Tools | Dropdowns | Rx Frequency, type in the Frequency and Value. For example: If a medication is prescribed Once a day you can do as follows:

Under Item, type in 1-0-0 or once a day, as you prefer.

Under Value put the frequency in number i.e. here you should put 1. (1-0-0 equates to 1, whereas 1-1-1, for example, is 3, and so on). You could have written it in plain text as well ex: In the item, you could have written Have it every 4 hours. Then the frequency in number should have been 24 hours/4 hours = 6

Then click on +Add Item, to save your change.

Repeat this for each frequency type you want to use later on in prescribing.

Once complete, sign out and sign in to load your new preferences.

2. Now select a Patient and open the Patient Chart. We will prescribe a medication.
So, go down to the clinical section Rx/ Treatment. and click on Rx+ | Add Treatment window will open | click on the +button beside the Rx name, for example, Zaroxolyn is selected here.

3. Select the Frequency 1-0-0 from the drop-down menu | Select Dur (Duration) from the drop-down menu and enter 2 days. That’s it. You will now see the Qty (Quantity) of the medication shows 2. This has been auto-calculated for you. Also if you enter a number in the Frequency instead of selecting from the drop-down, the quantity will still be auto-calculated. If nothing is selected and Frequency is left blank, then quantity will be set to “**zero**“.

You can also type into Frequency any number ex: “4”, and put in the duration, the quantity will still be auto-calculated.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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