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How to get a Patient’s Immunization History

Reviewing the Immunisation History of a Patient is integral when it comes to Pediatrics. Here is how you get it on Clinicea:

For Example, You want to check the Immunization History for Patient Renesmee Cullen, who is 6 year 2 months old.

1. Open the Patient Chart | scroll down to the clinical section Immunisation Schedule, you can see the Immunisation schedule attached to the patient. Example: An Indian Pediatric would attach the IAP Schedule 2016 for children that visit him.

Immunisation schedules can be created, or modified as required by you. The schedule shows the complete list of immunizations that has been administered or will be administered. The overdue Immunisations (i.e. passed the date for taking the Immunisation) are highlighted in red.

2. On the right is the Medical Summary which gives you a snapshot of all the immunizations that are complete (greyed out) or due (highlighted in red).

3. Click on Past Visits:

4. Immunisations: You will see the Patient’s Immunisation History with the Immunisation Name, Status, and Date.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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