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How to enter Patient Allergies

Recording of allergies, intolerance and adverse drug reactions for every Patient is integral to patient safety. Documenting this information could help avoid patients with known allergies wrongly receiving drugs that could endanger their health.

Let see how we can record these Allergies on Clinicea. It can be done from Patient Demographics and Patient Medical Summary as well.

1. For a New Patient, this can be done at the time of Registration. Go to Patient and click on Add New. This will open the Patient Demographics and you can fill out the relevant Patient details. On the right, below Family Contact information you can click on Allergy.

2. This opens up the Allergies window with 3 options to select from:
‘**Not Recorded**‘ is selected by default which means Allergy record has not yet been done for the Patient.
‘**No Known Allergy**‘ can be selected if the Patient is not aware of having any known Allergies
‘**Recorded Allergies’** can be selected if the Patient is Allergic and the same needs to be recorded.

(a). To record allergies click on “**New Allergy**“. A new window named ‘**Allergy**‘ will open.

(b). Click on ‘**Select an Allergy by clicking here**‘ and it will bring up a “list of generics” to choose from. You can also type in any allergy and add.
You can record the ‘**Severity’** of the Allergy (Severe, Moderate, Mild, Very Mild).
Any ‘Reactions’ that the Patient has can also be recorded along with the ‘**Onset**‘ (Child, Adult, Unknown or a Specific Date); since when the Patient is suffering from the Allergy. Once done click on Add This Allergy and this is recorded**.**

3. There is no limit to the number of Allergies that can be added to a Patient. Once added click on Save.

4. Alternatively, you can go to Patient search and select a Patient and open up the Patient Chart. Navigate to the right-hand side of the page to view the Patient Medical Summary. Under the Snapshot section click on the blue text against ‘**Allergy**‘ to open “Allergy Details”. Once open, you can record, add or delete any Allergy same as above.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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