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How to enter Past Dated (External) visits

You may have the need to record a Patient’s past dated visit or an external visit, for reference and Clinicea allow you to do so.

Ex: One of your patients was treated by an External Doctor while he was traveling. He has come back to you for the remaining treatment. He has also brought the notes which were recorded by the External Doctor with him along with the Prescription. You now want to attach the prescription and notes to his Patient Chart. Let us have a look at how:

1. Select a Patient and open up the Patient Medical Chart | click on Case Sheets on the top | now select a Case Sheet and click on Apply Case Sheet Ex: All Case | click on the

button beside the clinic.

2. To enter a past dated encounter, fill in the following fields:

Encounter Date Time: Enter the Date of the Record Ex: 9th August 2016.

Doctor: select an internal Doctor from the drop-down menu or check on External Doctor/Clinic and type in the given name.

Attach Files: simply click to upload the scanned copy of the Prescription.

3. Now select a Document Category from the drop-down menu Ex: Prescription | click on Browse or simply drag & drop a File to upload the Record | Done.

4. Now fill in the notes that were recorded in the encounter using fields in the case sheet | Once done click on Save.

5. To view the Record later, click on Notes under the Medical Summary Section on the right-hand side of the page.

6. Now click on Past EMR| click on the Files and you can view the document uploaded to view the uploaded Paper-based Record in your browser. Click the download button to download the same.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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