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How to attach a Document to a Patient’s Chart

Documents such as Paper-based prescriptions, lab tests, Xrays etc. can be attached to the Patient Chart. Documents can be attached individually or as multiple files at one go. There are 2 ways to do this:

Option 1: Documents can be attached during a current visit of the Patient.

To attach Documents during a current visit:

1. Go to Patient Chart and click on the button beside the Clinic name at the very beginning of the Current Encounter/Visit sheet.

2. The current visit section expands, and you will see a button Attach Files. Click on Attach Files.

3. An Upload Document window will open. Select the Document Category from the drop-down and then you can either click on Browse or simply drag & drop to upload single or multiple document files. Once all desired files are added, click on the Done button. File(s) now has been added.

4. Once Saved, the Attach Document icon appears Green with a checkmark on it. You can download the uploaded file and delete it if required.

Option 2: Add Documents to a Patient without starting a visit.

Please note that only one file can be uploaded through this method.

1. Go to the Patient Medical Summary and click on Past EMR. Next click on Files and then the ‘+’ button to add a new file.

2. A Past Visit section will open on the right side of the page. Click on the + button to add files.

3. A Correspondence window will open. Click on Attachment, then choose to Browse or simply drag & drop the files and Upload. You can give this a File Name, set a category and a date as well. Also, add notes if necessary. Then hit Save once ready.

4. Once saved, you can now see the attached documents under Past EMR | Files.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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