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How to access Drug Monographs

Having Drug Monographs available within your chosen EMR can be very useful and informative. Drug Monographs give you detailed information about the medication you are about to prescribe your Patients. Our Drug monographs include information on the trade name, generic name, formulation, pharmacological class, dosage, instructions, directions of use, contraindications, warnings/precautions, interactions, side effects, packaging information so on and so forth.

Clinicea, being a highly sophisticated EMR solution, gives you the option to access Drug Monographs of individual drugs based on the Global Formulary. Let us have a look at how to access Drug Monographs on Clinicea:

To use this feature, you will need to make sure under Tools | Organization | Select your Organization | Clinical Preferences | Rx Formulary is set to US.

1. Go to Patient, select a Patient and open up the Patient Chart | scroll down and click on Rx+ | Add Treatment | Formulary | now click on the Rx name to open**,** ex: Amoxil Pill**.**

2. Once you click on the Rx, the Drug Monograph window will open. Click on the Drug Name that has come up.

3. You can now see a detailed monograph for Amoxicillin. Now click on any one of the relevant section for more detailed information.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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