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How does Auto-lock work on Encounters

When one user of your Clinic is entering Medical Data for a given Patient, Clinicea auto-locks the encounter restricting it to that user only. Another user can open the same Patient chart and go about doing any other task. However the the 2nd user tried tries to open the same very visit in the Patient Chart, the system will indicate that the particular visit is currently being edited by another user. You can of course override the system but before you do, Clinicea makes you aware of the action.

Let us have a look at how Auto-lock of Encounters work:

Example: a Patient that comes into your Clinic and first consults with the Nurse. The Nurse checks and updates Vitals but is still entering other relevant data to the Patient Chart. On the other hand, the Patient leaves the Nurse’s station to consult with the Doctor. The Doctor opens the Patient Chart and wants to edit the Nurse’s visit, here is what happens:

1. The Nurse has opened the Patient Chart for Patient Jenny and is entering data into the Nurse’s Case Sheet The Patient Chart is still opened at the Nurse’s end.

2. The Doctor opens up the Patient Chart for the Same Patient, another encounter opens for the Doctor with a different Case Sheet.

3. However, the Doctor wants to edit the Nurse’s visit, and specifically opens up the note which the nurse is currently editing.

Go to Medical Summary | All Visits, Nurse Sheet Visit dated May/20/2016 at 5:21 PM | click on Edit Visit,

4. When you click on Edit Visit, you will get a prompt to Confirm “_This Encounter is currently being edited by Florian. Do you want to take over the Encounter?_” click on OK to override and confirm take over of the Encounter.

Note: you will also see that it is a continuation of today’s visit with the Nurse, this is highlighted in red.

You can then edit the Encounter and enter any additional data you need to. Save.

Alternatively if you do not want to take over the Encounter, click on Cancel. You will not be able to make any edits to that encounter. Instead a new encounter will open for the doctor.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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