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How can a Physician continue a triage started by a Nurse

Clinicea gives you as a Physician, the option to continue a triage started by a Nurse.

Example: A nurse starts a triage by taking down the Chief Complaints, Vitals, and some History. You as a Physician can see the data entered by the Nurse and continue the rest of the Patient Visit. There is no need for you to start a new Visit, or to enter data in a separate Case Sheet. You can simply enter your notes in the same Visit started by the Nurse.

Let us have a look at how:


Go to Tools | Organisation | Preferences | Clinical, check on Continue the previous visit of a Patient on the same day | click on Save.

1. Nurse Betty Better starts a triage for Patient named Steve Rogers, by logging into her account:

Patient | Patient Chart enters the Chief Complaints i.e. High Fever, and some Vitals | Save.

2. Now, You as the Physician opens the chart for the same Patient.

A prompt may come up asking for a confirmation to take over the visit which is being edited by the nurse currently. This will happen only when you log in from your account to edit the same visit of the patient at the same time when the nurse is editing it at her end.

3. You will see a bar, showing that it is a continuation of the Patient’s current Visit. All the data filled in by the Nurse auto-populates on its own.

You may more information to the Chief Complaints i.e. Fever and Chills with a cold. Enter data in the Notes and Save.

4. In Steve Rogers’ chart, this visit will be logged under your name and not that of the nurse Betty Better. Go to All Visits in the Medical Summary to view the same.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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