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How to use OTP for Loyalty Points Redemption

Loyalty Points is one of the best ways to retain Patients as they receive points for every purchase that they make at the clinic. It acts as a catalyst for the Patient to spend more than his intended spend against the services, products, and packages made available at the Clinic. But there are times where Clinics are duped with unwarranted and fraud redemption of points. This usually happens at the Point of Sales where the cashier could manipulate the points for a Patient.

Clinicea now solves this problem by providing an extra layer of security in the form of OTP. To redeem any points against any service/product purchased, Clinicea now sends an OTP to the registered mobile number of the patient. Only when the patient provides the OTP back to the cashier and it is entered into the system is when the points can be redeemed and a bill generated for the transaction, thus eliminating any chances of fraud and making the transaction safe. This also helps build patient’s trust in the clinic and improves customer satisfaction.

Let us now see how this can be set up in Clinicea.

Note: You must ensure Clinic has SMS credits if you want to have this added layer of security.

1. Go to Tools | Promotions | Set Points & Set Referral.

2. A new page, Set Points, opens. Under Setup the Redemption Settings, use the toggle box to turn the Redemption will be a 2-Step Process requiring OTP to ON. Click Save.

This is now enabled. Let us see what happens when we now try and pay off a bill using Loyalty Points.

1. Go to Financials | New Bill | Add Items | Payment Mode choose Points and Click Save.

2. This immediately sends an SMS text with a 6 digit code to the Patient’s registered mobile number. This code has to be enterd in the OTP details by the cashier.

3. Incase if a wrong code is entered, the system immediately prompts back and requests for code to be entered again. This system will continue to prompt for an OTP until it is verified.

4. In case if it is not possible to get a code due to the phone not being available or the SMS not being sent for any reason, you still can go ahead and bill the patient for the service/product. You will not be able to redeem the points but choose any other mode of payment to complete the transaction.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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