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How to setup GST

GST as a Tax is mandatory in India. Here is what you need to do to setup GST in your Clinicea account.

1. Login in as the Administrator and then go to Tools | Taxes and create a new tax called GST and set the GST Tax% you plan to use.
Tax Name: GST18

You can also create a more complex tax structure
_ex: GST of 18%
where CGST is 9% and SGST is 9%.
_Here is a sample screenshot of that for reference.

NOTE: If your Organization needs to use different slabs of GST, create one new Tax for each Slab.
2. Go to Tools | Organization | Select the Organisation | Scroll down and select the Preference: Financial | Tax Settings and put the various Registration Numbers: _ex: GSTIN, and State Code._ Please take a look at the screenshot below:

_Ex: GSTIN and the State Code._

3. For each Organisation, you also need to set the HCPCS code for each of the services and the HSN code for each of the Products you sell. Before you can set these codes, you need to tell Clinicea that you want to use these codes. To do so remain in Organisation | Scroll down and select the Preference: Clinical | Under subheading Clinical Coding,
For Rx Use select HSN
For Service Use select HCPCS, then Save.

4. If you are a Clinic Chain, repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each Clinic in your Organization. Once updated for all the Organisations please re-login to see the changes.
5. The GST No: you have setup above, will NOT get reflected on your Invoice and Receipt Printouts, if you are using a custom format for your printouts. To find out if you use a custom printout or not, go to Financials | Search Bill | Open any existing Bill and click Print. Check if the GSTIN: is appearing on your invoice. If it is not, contact our [support](, and request them to replace your custom format in favor of a GST Ready Invoice template.

6. Now you need to use the new taxes created in Step 1. You can do so by manually opening each service and inventory and setting the relevant Tax.

Alternatively, if you have old taxes set, you can simply replace the old tax with the new. Go to Tools | Tax | Click on the 3 dots on the extreme right against the Tax rate you no longer need, Example, Service Tax 14.64%. In doing so, you will get the option to select the New Tax to apply in lieu of S_ervice Tax 14.64%_. Select the new GST tax rate you have created earlier and then Click Delete.

The system will search out all products, services, and packages where the older tax _Service Tax 14.64%_ was applied and replace it with the new tax rate you have applied _GST 18%_ and the same will be visible on the billing invoice as well. Please take a look at the screenshot below:

7. Once done with all the changes listed above, Sign-out and Sign-in. Bill Printouts from hereon will look like the sample given below:

8. You must also update Vendor/Corporate Tax Details (GSTIN number) by going to Tools | Address Book | Select a Corporate | Enter the GSTIN and State Code.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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