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How to set up Home Visit Packages

You may need to set up Home Visits for Patients that are unable to come down to the Clinic for a consultation. Instead, consultation is done at the Patient’s place of residence.

Home Visits can be set up for elderly Patient’s or Patient’s who suffer from ailments that prevent them from physical movement. Home Visits can be restricted to a single visit or multiple visits, depending on Patient requirements. In cases where the Patient requires multiple visits, a Home Visit Package can be set up. Upon the first consultation, the Practitioner decides on the number of visits required and the number of hours each visit should last. The price of the Home Visit Package can be set up accordingly. Thereafter, the Practitioner can allocate the appropriate staff (usually a nurse from the clinic) for the remaining visits.

Let us have a look at a situation where you may need to set up a Home Visit Package.

An elderly Patient calls your clinic and requests a Doctor’s visit. He is suffering from recurring joint pains and is unable to move. The Doctor schedules an emergency visit for the Patient. After the first consultation, the Doctor diagnoses the Patient with Osteoarthritis and suggests 9 sessions of Physiotherapy. The Patient is physically weak and diabetic, requiring regular Insulin intake.

The Practitioner decides, the Patient temporarily requires 9 visits for Physiotherapy that are 1 hour long each. The visits are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He sets the price of the Package and allocates a nurse to continue with the visits.

Clinicea allows you create and set up a custom Home Visit Package in such situations. To set up a Home Visit Package:

1. Go to Financials | New Home Visit | select the Patient and click to open.

2. A Home Visit Page will open | Click to select a Service, a Search Service section will open on the right-hand side Ex: Physiotherapy Session | click on the +button.

Then goto Duration and Frequency, and set as 3 weeks | Also Select Which Days of the Weeks e.g Mon, Wed, Fri.

Now, set what time should the visit start on each of the days of the week, by selecting from the drop-down menu under Every Day Start at.

2. Scroll down to Financials, the price of the package is auto-generated based on the price of individual Physiotherapy sessions. For example, Each Physiotherapy session is priced at $300, therefore 9 sessions of Physiotherapy will total to $2700 (9 x $300).

If you want to give the Patient discount, enter the net price in the box labeled, Total Package Price agreed to. The discount percentage will be calculated automatically. Alternatively, enter a discount percentage and the Package price will get calculated automatically.

For example, you decide to set the Package price as $2100. Enter Total Package Price agreed to as $2100. You will notice the Discount is auto-calculated.

Once, you have set the price, click on GENERATE BILL.

4. An Advance Payment window will open. You can see, Internal Comments on the right-hand side showing the details of the visit automatically.

Let us assume you have taken the full payment for the Package. Enter Paid Amount | Select the Payment Mode

Now, its time to allocate a nurse and schedule the appointments of the Patient, so click on SAVE & SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS.

5. A Home Visit Package window will open, the Package details will appear on the left-hand side. You will notice that it cannot be edited. Navigate to the right-hand side of the page, enter Start Date, the date from which you want the visits to start i.e. Monday 19th March.

6. Click to select the Staff who will be going to the Patient’s to complete the visit**.**

A Search Service section will open. Now select the nurse and click on the +button beside the staff name. Close the flyout by clicking on the back button.


8. The Home Visit Appointments have been generated.

9. If for any reason you want to edit the Appointment of any particular visit i.e. change the date or staff, click on the session you want to edit. A Visit Appointment window will open, you can edit the details by changing Appointment Date and time.

Similarly, if you want to change the Staff who will be visiting the patient, you can click on the delete icon beside the staff name. You will then get an option Click to change the staff. Select the staff you want to add and Save.

10. Done! Your custom Home Visit Package has been created and set up for the Patient. To view the auto-scheduled Appointments, go to Calendar and search for the Patient.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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