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How to set up Family Billing for a patient

Let's say you have a family of 3 i.e. mother, daughter and son. You want all consultations of children to be charged to their family head ie. the mother. We will go over on how to set it up.

1. We need to first ensure that all members are grouped as part of the same family. To do this, open each patient i.e. mother, daughter, son and repeat this. Goto demographics | Select Family | Click Change Family | Search and select the Family Head, in this case, the mother.

2. Next, we need to set the default billing of each patient to Family.

So open the demographics for the daughter. Goto Corporate and Membership | Select the Bill To as Family. Please have a look at the screenshots below

Repeat the process for the son too.

3. You are all set up. To test it, go to Financials | New Bill | Search for the minor i.e daughter or son. Click on the name.

In the new bill screen, you will see Bill To Family appears along with the family name.

Any dues of the children will now get clubbed under the mother, and she can settle any or all of it with a single payment.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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