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How to set up and use Authorised Payments

Sometimes when a Patient makes a payment it cannot be immediately credited by the Clinic. For example, when a patient pays by Cheque, you may want to first get the cheque to clear before crediting that payment to the Patient’s account. Till such time the cheque clears you would want the bill to remain outstanding (and perhaps service to the patient to not start). If you need this kind of a workflow to be set up in Clinicea for any of the payment modes ex: cheque, net pay, etc, it can be easily done.

1. To HOLD any payment mode,

a. Go to Tools | Dropdowns

b. Select Payment Mode from the left-hand side Dropdown list.

c. On the right-hand side mention the Item you want to hold like, Cheque, Credit Card etc. and under Value mention Hold.

d. Click on + button to add it to the list of payment mode you want to hold for approval.

All such payments would then go for approval to your Accountant. Accountant will have the authority to accept or reject the payment. If payment is approved, the bill will get auto-paid. If payment is rejected, then the bill will get canceled. Of course for this to work, the Accountant has to be given the Permission for Payment Authorisations.

2. Let us see how Payment Authorisation can be used in Clinicea:

Let us say, for Example, the receptionist of your clinic is creating a new bill for a patient who wants to pay through cheque.

a. Go to Financials | New Bill | Select the Patient.

b. In the New Bill screen click on Add Bill Items button and select the Services and Inventory that the patient has to be billed for.

c. Once the bill is made, enter the amount the patient wants to pay in the Enter Paid Amount box.

d. Select the Payment Mode as _Cheque_ from the drop-down. Once Cheque is selected, on the left-hand side a Cheque No:, Cheque Date and Bank Name column will appear. Here Cheque No: is mandatory so you have to enter the same.

e. After entering the details click on Save.

f. Once Saved it will take to the Search Bill page where this bill will be listed as Unpaid.

3. Now let us see how the Manager of your clinic who has the authority to accept or reject this payment, provides authorisation.

a. Go to Financials | Select New Authorisation.

b. The Manager will see the payment with Approve and Reject buttons. In scenarios where the list of pending items is long; the search can be made simpler by typing the Cheque No. in the Search box and that will fetch the pending authorization right away without having to scroll through.

c. The Manager can physically check the bank statement online and if the payment has come, simply click on Approve.

d. If it is Approved, this payment transaction will be moved from the Pending to the Approved list. If the payment is Rejected the transaction will be moved to the Rejected list.

e. In the Search Bill screen, the transaction will appear as Full Paid if it is Approved. If Rejected, it will appear as Adjustment for Canceling along with the Invoice number.

This is how a Payment Authorisation can be used to approve or reject a payment. All these transactions are listed in the Authorisations screen. You can search and use the drop-down to filter and find out Pending, Approved and Rejected transactions.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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