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How to set up a Points and Referral Program for your Clinic

Clinicea supports Clinic Marketing and Branding to a large extent. One of the ways this can be done by configuring a Points Program. A Points Program rewards the Patients with Points for each dollar he spends in the Clinic. It acts as a catalyst for the Patient to spend more of his intended spend against the services, products, and packages made available at the Clinic. This is very effective for utilizing a slow-moving product, High Margin Products/Services, etc.

Another kind of Promotion that can be set up for your clinic is the Patient Referral Program. This is a very effective marketing tool for Aesthetic Clinics, Clinics that run Wellness Programs, etc. This is basically a joiners’ fee one earns when their referrals spend a certain of money in the clinic.

Let us see how to set up this program for your clinic.

1. Go to Tools | Promotions and click on Set Points & Patient Referral Tab.

2. This opens a Set Points Page. Here Set your budget on How much you want to spend on Points. Enter the amount that the patient spends and how much is earned back.

Example: For every $1000 spent in the clinic, the patient gets $10 worth of points.

3. You can set up _Rules for Specific Service Category_ here by clicking the “+” button.
This can be used especially for high margin products/services or slow-moving products/services.

4. Next, you go to, Setup the Redemption Value of the Points. Enter how much each dollar is worth in points. Not only this, you are equipped with additional rules to determine when a patient can earn points and how they can spend these earned points as well. The various rules are below.
(a). Points earned if a Package is bought.
(b). Points earned if a service/product is part of a Promotion.
(c). Limit the number of points that can be used in a Single Day.
(d). Minimum Points required to be eligible to use earned points to be used against a bill.
(e). An OTP sent to the patient’s registered mobile number, every time they choose to redeem their earned points. This adds an additional level of security where points are not misused.

5. Once you have set the redemption value, you can also assign the number of points awarded to a patient upon new registration.

6. You also can set up the Referral Structure for your patients. This is created in order to reward the patient when he refers a new Patient to your clinic. The referred patient has to spend a minimum amount entered here in order for them to earn a referral bonus.

This can also be built like a pyramid to encourage word of mouth marketing. This can be made to support up to 4 levels of earning. The best practice is to decrease the value of the earned amount. This can be done simply by setting up structure for each level. So if the new patient spends $1000, then the patient who referred him/her earns a small referral amount as a bonus. This referral bonus amount is one time only.

Once all the values are entered, click the save button. This will add the point-earning structure to the Points Program List.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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