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How to Sell a Gift Card

Now that you have created a Gift Card for your Clinic, let us see how you can sell this to your customers.

1. Go to Financials | Under New, Click on Gift Card. Next, select the customer who wants to purchase a Gift Card.

2. Click On Add Items, this opens the section on the right with the list of Gift Cards. Add the desired Gift Card by clicking on the “+” button.

3. Now that the Gift Card is added to the cart, enter the amount and mode of payment and click on Save.

4. Gift Card is now sold and the customer can use it at his discretion. In order to view the gift card sold go to Financials | Search Gift Card and select the Customer Name and you will be able to see the Gift Card purchased.

5. This is how the Gift Card will look like. You may notice that the Gift Card number is masked. This is for security purpose so that it cannot be misused in any way.

6. The complete Gift Card number is visible to a limited number of people. The Customer buying the Gift Card and the Admin for the Clinicea account. The Admin can view this information from the Past Visits Section in the EMR.

7. You can also see the list of Gift Cards that have been sold in the Reporting Section. The report to look in is “**Gift Card Sold**“.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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