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How to search for Leads in CRM

The CRM module is a repository of Prospects and Potential Clients of the Clinic. These prospects are referred to as Leads. Clinicea lets you create custom search filters, to identify leads as per your requirements. And then, in exactly 1-Click you can run Marketing Campaigns using SMS or Email.

For Example: Let us assume, your clinic has started a new marketing campaign to increase the footfall of male clientele. The campaign needs to target Male Leads in your database between the age group 40-50.

Let us have a look at how to do this in the CRM:

1. Go to CRM and set Gender to M from the drop-down.

2. Category i.e. Lead, Patient or All. Select _All._

3. Age Range: You can search for Leads/Patients belonging to a particular age group by putting in the Age Range. Enter 40-50 in the Age Range.

4. Location: You can perform a Search based on a Location by entering the name of the City.

5. Lead Status: Leads can be further filtered by their Status. Example, exclude the Not Interested ones, Include the Hot or Warm ones etc.

6. Once you have done the hard work save the entire search criteria for reuse later on by clicking on Save Segment. You will be prompted to enter a name to remember this search by. Put in a descriptive name ex: Males between 40-50.

That’s it, next time you need to run a similar search, just click on Show Segment and select Males between 40-50 from the list.

7. You will now see the search result along with the Sales Funnel auto drawn for you. You can see the breakup of leads by Status in the Sales Funnel, and click on the Status to see the list of leads in it.

_For example__:_ You can search for all leads where Source is the July 15 Conference, and then on the Sales Funnel, and select Hot Leads and click SMS ALL to run a targeted marketing campaign on those Hot leads offering them an additional 10% discount on a wellness package if they sign up within the next 7 days.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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