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How to build Lists for mass communication

A List is simply a collection of Leads. Having a list allows for easy communication with all members of the List ex: sending an SMS to a new wellness program at your clinic which benefits all members of that list, in 1-Click. Of course, a Lead can be a member of multiple lists, you have full control over this.

Example: You hold a free Diabetes Awareness Camp and invite patients to bring in their friends and family who suffer from Diabetes. You ask your Reception to ensure that every person who attends is registered in Clinics so that you can follow up with them later. So all Leads (people who are currently not your patient) who attend the Diabetics camp in your clinic, are registered as a Lead. All such Leads are put in a new list called the Diabetic in the CRM.

Similarly, after a few days, you hold a camp for Hypertension. All attendees are therefore put on the Hypertension List in the CRM. It is likely that one attendee has attended both the camps and therefore is part of multiple lists.

Let us see how you can do this very easily in our CRM module.

1. Go to CRM | Click on the Lead name to open the Lead Details. Example: Ms. Amrita

2. In the Lead Details screen, you will see there is a Lead List drop-down.

3. Select one from the drop-down list. Once done, it will appear under Selected Lead Lists. Example: Diabetic in this case.

4. In the CRM Search box, you will find a Lead List drop-down to search leads as per the list they are in. So you will find this lead when you select Diabetic from the drop-down search as shown below_._

5. So after the lead has attended the Hypertension camp, you can create a Hypertension and add the Lead to it. Once added the lead will appear when you Search by selecting Hypertension in the CRM Search box.

6. If you want to remove any lead from any list, then simply click on the cross button on the list name under Selected Lead Lists section in the Lead Details screen and Save it.

This is how you can attach Leads to Lead List you create and filter them in the CRM screen as per the list. This feature will come handy in-case you need to send bulk SMS. For Example, if you want to send a common SMS to all the patients who had attended the Diabetic Camp in your clinic. Then you can simply select Diabetic in the Lead List drop-down, click Search and then in 1 click on SMS All button to send the bulk SMS.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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