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How To record a Marketing Campaign

As a part of marketing efforts of a clinic, social media, television and print media, like magazines, play the role of different platforms for advertisement of campaigns and promotions of the clinic. Now in order to monitor the efficiency of the campaign, the clinic may need to record various information and data related to that campaign. This can be done very easily with the help of Clinicea. Let us show you how to create a new campaign and record its details with Clinicea.

1. Go to CRM Module | Click on Campaigns. The Campaign window will open. Then click on the +Add New button.

2. The Campaign Details window will open. Enter the Name of the Campaign followed by a brief description of the Campaign.

3. Now to add the target audience for whom the campaign is being organized, click on Link Segments to Campaign. By doing so, Search Client Segments flyout will appear on the right side of the screen. Search for the Client Segment from the list and click on the + button beside it.

4. In order to add any promotions or offers to your Campaign, click on Link Promotion to Campaign. A Search Promotions flyout will open on the right side of the screen. Select the desired one from the List by clicking on the + button.

A copy of the promotion you link is created. This copy is non-editable so that at any point in future, you can look back at the Campaign results and trace the Promotion that was offered which made the Campaign successful.

5. Enter the Start of the campaign by clicking on the calendar sign under Start Date. You can omit the End Date if the same is not known currently.

6. You can also enter the Cost and Revenue of the campaign and based on those values the Net Profit will be calculated and shown automatically on the screen.

7. Now to attach any brochure or other relevant files to the campaign, click on the Camera button to attach files. On the Document screen, click on Select Files and click on Upload Document.

8. Finally, to add text content along with the files attached click on the Campaign Smart Content and add relevant text.

9. At this point, you can either the save the campaign as a Draft, or you can Save & Activate it.
A campaign that is Activated will become Inactive once the End-Date is reached. This process is automated and nothing needs to be done at your end. An Inactive campaign cannot be edited.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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