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How to create a new Lead in CRM

The CRM module manages Leads and Patients and tracks all marketing activities you perform on them. You can run marketing campaigns and communicate with your leads through SMS or Email.

CRM stores both New Leads as well as Leads which have been converted to Patients. Let us have a look at how to create a New Lead in CRM:

1. Go to CRM | click on + Add New.

2. A Lead Details window will open, where you can type in all relevant fields with the information. You also have an option of entering names in the format of First Name, Middle Name, Last Name or vice versa rather than the name being one text box.

This is a preference driven feature and can be enabled through Tools | Organisation | Clinical | Patient Details.

You can also categorize the Lead Status by selecting HOT, WARM or COLD.

You can also add these Leads to a Lead List. Please see – How to Build Lists for mass communication

3. Scroll down and select a Source from the drop-down menu and scrolling down further, you can enter the Contact Details as well.

4. Before Saving the Lead, Clinicea will check if any part of the L_ead name_ (i.e. first or last name) and the date of birth matches with an existing lead. In case it does, the system will prompt you with existing Leads in the system. You can then elect to cancel the new registration and open the existing Lead by selecting from the list. Or you can just ignore the prompt and go ahead with registering the new Lead.

5. Done! The new lead has been added to your CRM list. Once saved, you will automatically be diverted to the CRM page and the new lead will appear here.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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