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How to record miscellaneous Income and Expenses

There can be various kinds of daily expenses while running a clinic. For Example, S_tationary, electricity, traveling, hardware etc_. Similarly, there can be income from various sources like referrals, commissions etc. All these miscellaneous incomes and expenses can be recorded easily so that you can keep a track.

Example: You want to record an official travel payment that you have paid for a member of staff.

1. Go to Financials | Click on New Expense.

2. Click on Add New | Income and Expense Details screen opens with Expense and Income tabs. Select whether you want to note down an Income or an Expense. Based on this selection the appropriate heads will appear below. Example: Expense.

3. Select the Clinic name under Location. Example: Bella Clinics.

4. Select the Payment Mode i.e. Cash, Cheque, Credit/Debit etc. from the drop-down. Example: Cash.

5. Select the Voucher Date from the calendar. Example: 6th March 2018.

6. Select the Payment Date from the calendar. Example: 10th March 2018.

7. In the Expense/Income Head, you can mention the reason for the amount spent on or received from Example: Travelling.

8. Mention Amount spent or received. The amount is inclusive of taxes. Example: Rs 500

9. You can enter the tax that is levied on the amount (Ex 18% GST).

10. You may optionally enter a Reference No. Example: 12345.

11. You can also optionally select a Vendor. Example: Yatra Travels.

12. Add Notes if required.

13. Once done click Save. Once it is saved, the screen will automatically take you to the Expense and Income page.

All saved Vouchers can be searched by Payment Status, Income or Expense Head, and the Date range.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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