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How to process Debit/Credit Card payments via your PDQ terminal

You can use payment gateways such as Stripe to process credit cards and debit cards in Clinicea. The process is very simple.

1. Goto Tools | Organization | Select an Organization | Payment Gateway | Select your Gateway and enter gateway login credentials.

2. When making a new Bill, under Payment Mode, select Credit Card or Debit Card and click Save. At that point, a window opens up wherein you can enter the credit card details. Details can be entered manually, or by swiping the credit card in a card reader attached to your computer.

3. Clinicea will forward the details of the card to the payment gateway. The payment gateway will process it and come back with a response. If successful a new payment will be automatically entered in Clinicea against that Bill. If the payment gateway finds the card to be invalid, or funds not enough etc. and rejects the transaction, the bill will still get saved but will remain outstanding.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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