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How to process a Payment where Patient pays using multiple payment modes

Sometimes a Patient may split the payment of a bill across multiple modes e.g partly by cash and the rest by a debit card. It can be any such combination of 2 or more different payment modes. This article shows you how to handle such a situation.

Let’s do this with an example. Suppose the Patient has a bill of 21,000. He decides to pay 10,000 in Cash and balance by using his debit card.

a. Go to Financials | New Bill | Select Patient | Create a bill for 21,000

b. Enter Paid Amount | select Payment Mode as Cash and put in 10,000 | Save.

c. Time to take the balance of the payment using a debit card. Go to Financials | New Payment | Select the same patient, a new Accept New Payment window will open,

d. Enter Paid Amount as 11,000 | Payment Mode as Debit Card| Save.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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