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How to integrate Clinicea with Tally

While running a chain of clinics, in order to meet your accounting requirements you might need to integrate with accounting softwares such as Tally. We help you in doing so as outlined below:

1. Transaction data i.e. day to day to bills in each clinic is logged in Clinicea as it currently happens. You need not maintain transactional detail in both Tally and Clinicea. Clinicea will be the source of truth in technical parlance, and Tally the aggregator.

2. Aggregate data from Clinicea is extracted in form of voucher entries for each Clinic, once every day, as well as once at the end of every month. This data extraction will need the following 2 components:

i. Support from Clinicea to provide this data as per Tally requirements. This is already available here

ii. You need to get developed a local software that will call the various API’s available in Clinicea and feed it into your local Tally software.

You are welcome to use any Tally Developer to get this work done. _We however do not undertake project work, and is not liable to or recommend any vendor for the same_. Upon request we can only patch you through to the service provider/s who has worked with us in the past for other clients.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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