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How to generate a Debit Note manually

You may want to return a stock back to the Vendor as it has expired or is damaged. This can be done by manually generating a Debit Note.

Example: “Jai Associates” is transferring 10 packs of Amlodipine to the clinic.

1. Go to Inventory | +Add Stock Voucher

2. Go to Details | Set Supplied by Clinic Ex: Family Clinic Mumbai and Received by Vendor Example: “Jai Associates”

3. Provide a Reference No: – You can put the number associated with any manual paperwork that you are doing

4. Search and add each item you have received from the Vendor by Clicking on +Add Voucher Item.
Search Voucher Item list opens on the right. Click the + button next to the items you want to add. Ex: Amlodipine.

Once the item is added manually, type in # No. of Packs and Batch No: that is being sent back to the Vendor,

Once done this is how the voucher should look.

5. Click SAVE. Once Saved the Mumbai Clinic will have its stock of Amlodipine decrease by 10. A Debit Note will be generated for the Vendor, Jai Associates.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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