How to edit Home Visits

You may want to edit the date, time or nurse attending an Appointment that is part of a Home Visit Package for various reasons. For instance, the Patient wants to change the date of a Home Visit for another day or the concerned staff may not be available on that particular day.

For example, A Patient is on a Home Visit Package, he has 9 scheduled Home Visit Appointments that include Physiotherapy sessions. After checking the dates of his scheduled Home Visits, he realizes that the 3rd Physiotherapy session must be rescheduled. He has a prior commitment on the scheduled date.

Let us have a look at how to edit a Home Visit Package:

1. Go to Financials | Search Package | In the Search bar, click on the drop-down menu and select Appointments Made since you want to edit home visits that have already been scheduled | Search | click on the calendar icon to the extreme right of the patient’s name.

2. A Home Visit Package window will open. Navigate to the left-hand side of Home Visit Appointments.

3. Now click on the Home Visit you want to edit i.e. Physiotherapy Session
A Visit Appointment window will open, you can edit the details by changing Appointment Date and Time.

Similarly, if you want to change the Staff who will be visiting the patient, you can click on the delete icon beside the staff name. You will then get an option Click to change the staff. Select the staff you want to add and Save.

Done! The edit made to the Home Visit Appointment has been updated on Clincea. The Calendar will also re-schedule appointments automatically.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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