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How to differentiate Package Appointments from the others

It may be helpful for the front desk to determine on the Calendar, which appointments are for patients with services on packages and which are for patients who are coming for a standalone service in order to save time. Let us see how to do it.
1. Let us suppose, there is a service called LHR Full Legs. This service is also included in a package called Full Body LHR. Now assign a color to the service LHR Full Legs. This can be done in the following way-

Go to Tools | Services | Select a service name | Under Service Item, scroll down and add Duration and Color | Save.
An Appointment Template will automatically be created by this service name and color code and added to the appointment template list.

Or you may Go to Tools | Appointment templates | Add new | Enter the details and select a color | Save.
You can then link this template to any service you want by going to Tools | Services | Select a service | Link the service to appointment template.

2. Now create 2 different appointments in the Calendar, wherein one add a service, LHR Full Legs. In the 2nd add LHR Full legs from a package which in this case is Full Body LHR.

Thus, on the calendar, there are 2 appointments, with the same service, with same color codes. But in case of the package, there is a sign to the top right of the appointments. This is also shown on the appointment list on the left.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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