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How to Delete a Bill

In order to Delete a Bill, we must keep in mind that:

Deleting a Bill from Clinicea deletes all records of the bill, therefore it must be done carefully and only if it is essential.

Fully or partially paid bills can be deleted. Bills that have been Cancelled, Written-off or Exchanged cannot be deleted because the original Bill has already been amended with one of the above functions.

When you create a bill for a product from the inventory list, the product will automatically get deducted from the stock. In case you make a mistake while billing this product and decide that rather than canceling you want to delete the bill, remember that the product will get added back to the inventory stock. For example, A bill was made for Avederm Acne Treatment Cream whose initial Quantity On Hand was 100 and the Quantity On Hand was 95 after the bill was made. There was a mistake in the bill and you decide to delete the bill, the Quantity On Hand will increase back to 100.

Before we start off on how to delete a bill, let us assume the following is already done. A bill has already been made with the inventory item “Avederm Acne Treatment Cream”. Quantity billed is 5. After the bill was made, the Quantity On Hand for “_Avederm Acne Treatment Cream_” is 95. You can view this under Inventory.

1. Now go to Financials | Search Bill | Select Bill. The Edit Payment Window will open.

Click on More Options and select Delete.

2. A Delete Bill window will open | click on Delete Bill at the bottom of the page.

3. The Bill has been Deleted. You will automatically be diverted to the Search Bill section in Financials and the Bill will no longer appear there.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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