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How to Create a Gift Card

Clinicea can help you to increase revenue, build customer loyalty and brand name by using the features of the Gift Card Module.

Let us see how to create a Gift Card for your clinic.

1. Go to Tools | Promotions. A Promotions window will open. Click on Gift Cards.

2. Gift Card window will now open. Click on to create a New Gift Card.

3. A Gift Card window will open. Enter the Gift Card name, the $ value of the card, SKU number and the number of days this card is valid for. Eg, if you enter 365 days then this comes into effect from the day the card is issued to the customer. You can also add a small description for the Gift Card.

4. Click Save once all required information is entered. Your Gift Card is now ready to used and issued upon purchase.

5. You can also see the list of Gift Cards that is currently available for the Clinic in the Reporting Section. The report to look in is “**Gift Card List**“.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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