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How to compute Commission for Service Items

Commission for Staff can now be computed for Sale of Service Item, Sale of Packaged Service and for Servicing of a Service or Package item. Only Bills which have been paid in full is used to calculate commissions. Part paid bills will not pay out any commissions until such time that the bill has been fully paid. If a Bill is paid in full, the commission has been given to the Staff and then the Bill gets canceled – the commission will be reversed. If the Bill gets deleted, the commission will be deleted.

Let us see how Commissions work:

A. Setup Commissions

1. Click on Tools | Services | click on a Service Item | On the Service Item page scroll down and you will find the Commission Structure.

2. Commission Structure can be assigned in 3 different cases; which are stated below:

i. Commission on Sale when item is sold as a Single Service- Commission is computed for the Staff selling the Service Item. The commission is calculated on the Net Selling Price (I.e. net price received by the clinic after discounts) and is accredited to the staff only after the Bill is paid in full.

Ex: If the bill is partly paid in 3 installments, then the commission will be given to the Staff only after the 3rd installment has paid the Bill in Full.

ii. Commission on Sale when item is sold as a Package – Commission is computed for the Staff selling the Package to the client. Once again this is calculated on the Net Selling Price of the Package (i.e. less of discounts if any).

If any payments made against the package is not billed but held as an advance, then this amount will not be included for purposes of calculating commission until such time that the advance is used to pay off a Bill.

iii. Commission on Servicing the Item The staff who the patient has an appointment with for the service and who renders the service to the Patient, gets a commission on the Net Price Billed for that item.

**B. How to select the Staff for Commission for Billing**

It is important that the right staff is selected at the time of billing for the Commission Structure to work smoothly.

Let us see how we can do that:

1. Click on Financials | New Bill / New Package (as applicable) | when the New Bill / Package screen opens up add the relevant service or package and on the bottom right side of the screen where it says Practitioner select the appropriate staff before you Save.

C. How to select the Staff for Commission for Completing a Service

In the Appointment, make sure the Practitioner Field has the staff name who is going to complete this particular service. When you change the Appointment Status to Checkout, the commission is auto-calculated for completing this service and given to the Staff whose name appears under Practitioner.

D. How to generate a Report for Commission

1. Let’s assume a given Service has the following Commission Structure given to it.

2. A patient comes in for the said service and is billed and the amount is fully paid for. Then we go to Reports | and run a report on ‘**Staff Commissions**‘.

Updated on: 07/06/2023

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