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How to clear multiple pending Insurance Bills

When the billing of a Patient is assigned to an Insurance, payments are taken based on the rules of the Insurance Policy. Some policies require the Patient to contribute or co-pay a part of the bill, while the Insurance pays the balance. While Patient dues are usually paid out immediately by the Patient when the Bill is generated, Insurance payments typically come in much later. The reason being:-
(i) Insurance Dues and outstanding bills must first be sent to the Insurance Company. Many Patients from the clinic may subscribe to the same Insurance Company. Hence, the clinic may send out all outstanding Bills together, either weekly or monthly.
(ii) Processing of the payment at the clinic will start, only after the Insurance company has gone through the submitted bills, made a payment, and notified Clinic of the same.

The payment received from the Insurance may not always be in chronological order. You may receive payment for some bills sooner than others.

Example: You have multiple outstanding insurance bills for the month of March from the 1st to the 31st. You have received a Payment of $2000 for some of the outstanding bills only. You need to select the Bills you want to clear with one single payment. Clinicea gives you the option to do so, let us have a look at how:

1. Go to Financials |**New Payment** | search and select the Insurance Company, Example: Bajaj Allianz | Now click on the Insurance name take a payment.

2. Accept New Payment | Enter the Paid amount, enter the amount you have received from the Insurance | Select Payment Mode.

You will see at the bottom of the page a list of all outstanding Bills with the relevant details i.e. Bill Number, Date, Patient name, Total Amount and Due amount. You can search for Bills by their Invoice No.

Distribute the above Paid Amount in the Bills below, now simply choose the Bills you want to clear and enter the Paid Amount for that Bill.

If the payment of a Bill is equal to the outstanding amount, the Bill will autoClose**. Close means no further payment is due from the Insurance Company or Corporate for this Bill.** The close checkbox will get ticked automatically after you have entered the Paid Amount. The close button will also get disabled to avoid errors.

However if the amount being paid is less than the outstanding amount, the checkbox remains open for you to manually decide if you want to close the Bill or keep it open.

In some instances, you may not receive any payment at all from the Insurance Company, as can be seen below for Bill No: 199. Once you get to know the Insurance company is not going to be paying for this bill, you can close out the bill manually, by clicking on the Close Checkbox. In this case, the money that was due from the Insurance ie $439, will become due to the Patient.

3. Click on Save or Save & Print. Done! You have cleared multiple Bills of your choice in one go.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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