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How to assign a Patient’s billing to an Insurance

A Patient may have subscribed to an Insurance policy that he wants to use for settling bills at the Clinic. Alternatively, some companies provide preferential pricing for their employees by tying up with Medical Clinics. All of this can be easily set up in Clinicea.

1. Go to Patient Details of the Patient who has subscribed to an Insurance Policy and the click on _Corporate and Membership Details_ tab.

2. First, click on Set Patient Bill To and select Corporate. Next Click on the “+” to add Insurance details

3. Select Corporate Policy window will open.

Clinicea will show the list of all Corporate and Insurance Companies that have been fed into your account. Select the Insurance Company from the drop-down menu**. If you have no further details about the Insurance Policy you can save at this point.**

4. Alternatively, if you have additional details, please do as follows:

Select from the list of Insurance Company and Policy from the drop-down menu. Smart filtering in Clinicea will only show the list of Policies that belong to the given Insurance Company. Next, enter the Policy No, Issue and Expiry Dates and then Save.

5. A patient can subscribe to multiple insurance companies and policies. At the time of billing, you will have the option to choose the policy the Patient wants to use.

Once you have assigned the multiple Insurance Companies to the Patient, Save.

Updated on: 14/06/2023

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