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How to Add and Edit Services

In order to add a Service for your clinic start by going to Tools | Services | +Add new.

1. Service Name
1(a). Service Name: This is the name of the service the clinic provides. This is a mandatory field.
Example: Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN).

1(b). Available for Online Appointment Booking: You can toggle this switch to “YES” if you want the Service created to be available for Online Appointment Booking.

1(c). SAC Code (Services Accounting Code): This is used for bill coding purposes. You can search for the services by the code assigned to it and use it in bills created by you for the services you have delivered.

1(d). Category: Services provided by the Clinic can be grouped into categories. This helps in Reporting.
For example, Laboratory can be saved as a category for Blood Urea Nitrogen. Other services can also be grouped under this category. So rather than seeing the billing for each service, you can view the total billing from Laboratory.

1(e). Description: You can provide a brief description of the service available at your Clinic. This will help with online appointment booking, as your Patients/Leads can read about the service.

1(f). Appointment Templates: Services can be color-coded and their duration specified. This can be done in 2 ways:

OPTION I. Enter the duration manually in minutes/hours. Then select a color and Save the Service.

OPTION II: Within the service details screen, simply search for an existing template and link it. To do that, click on Link the Service to an Appointment Template… and from the Search Appointment Template which opens on the right, select from the list of Appointment Templates. Duration and color have already been set in the Appointment Template and will be picked by the service from the template.

1(g). Set Auto Reminder: Auto Reminder sends Alerts, Promotions and Offers to the Client/Patient who has not come back to the Clinic for a period of time, to avail a particular service have taken it earlier. This time can be configured for each service individually.
For example, A reminder can be set for a Client at 6 months for Botox Top-up and 12 months for a water-based Collagen Filler. Similarly, you can have it set at 3 months for HbA1C and 12 months for annual health checkups for a Patient.

To Set Auto Reminders, click on Set Auto Reminders | Set Auto Reminders window will open on the right side of the page | select the number of months under Send Reminder to Patients who have taken Service in the past| fill in SMS Content | Save. Auto Reminders have been set.

1(h). Select and Add Resource/Service Linked to this Service: When you are running a multi-specialty clinic, you may have Physicians of different specialties practicing together. However, each Physician may be offering a completely different set of services. In order to make scheduling easy for your front desk, your receptionist should only see those services that are relevant for the Physician the appointment is being made for. You achieve this by linking which staff can offer this service. Similarly, you can also set which resources can this service be offered in. Now when you book an appointment, the Services that can be put in that appointment are auto filtered by Clinicea based on the selected Staff and Resource in that appointment.

1(i). Applies To Gender: You can specify if the Service is applicable for Male, Female or Both. Select the option from the drop-down.

2. Pricing
Cost Price: The cost of the service to the clinic.
Price (Before Tax): Price of the Service Item without Taxes.
Taxes: The applicable Tax name and rate, if applicable. Example: GST – 7%.
Price (After Tax): If you set a Tax rate, the Price after Tax, will get auto-calculated.

3. Consumables Products
If you need to use some Inventory to complete the Service, then you can add those inventory in the Consumables Products section by clicking on the “+” button. Please see – How to handle Consumables when completing a Service

4. Medical
Patient Casesheet: This is the patient questionnaire that the patient can fill out from the patient portal as well as from the patient kiosk in the waiting room.

Doctor Casesheet: This is the service-specific case sheet the Doctor will fill out during the consultation.

5. Commission Structure
Commission for Staff can now be computed for Sale of Service Item, Sale of Packaged Service & for Servicing an item. (For more info please click on How to compute Commission for Staff)

Once all relevant fields are filled in, click Save. The Service Item is now added to Services. To edit the Service, simply search and open an existing service and perform the edits accordingly.

Updated on: 07/06/2023

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